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Great for quick and easy photo collages

Layout for iOS (free), recently released by Facebook-owned Instagram, gives users an elegant and easy way to create quick collages. Collage apps have been around since the inception of the App Store, and CNET’s Jason Parker did a recent comparison to show that some apps have better features than Layout. But even without many extras, […]

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The most comprehensive messaging app

Viber (iOS|Android|Windows Phone) is excellent for messaging and calling your friends for free around the globe and you can even make video calls. You can also use your and your friends’ actual phone numbers provided they have the app too. There are a number of third party messaging apps in the App Store such as […]

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Apple launches News, another news aggregation app

Apple has announced an app called News, which is designed to aggregate various news sources into one easy-to-read interface. Much like the popular app Flipboard, News integrates a variety of sources into a single feed. It automatically builds personalized recommendations based on what you read. At first glance News doesn’t provide much that’s actually new. […]

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