Time Management Tips & Tricks Every Student Should Know

Time management is an essential skill for any student . Time is scarce. Learning to manage the time you have and make the best of it is usually what makes exceptional students. Regardless of the student’s age – whether they are a high school or graduate student-  proper time management time can be a hassle.  Adding work, children, family, and social activities to the mix makes it hard to make time for anything. The web of daily duties is enough to overwhelm anybody, regardless of their determination level. You can barely keep up with the daily commitments and obligations without the additional worry of week on week assignments and exams.

You are not alone in the struggle of keeping up with a chaotic schedule and earning your degree. In fact, 72 percent of undergrads keep up stable employment all through the school year, 20 percent of whom work full-time jobs. The following tips will help you make the best use of your time to maintain the balance between your life and your studies.

  1. Plan Ahead

Don’t just let things happen to you; living your day randomly and planning as you go is the surest way to waste your time. You will probably end up doing nothing you had planned, and by the end of the day you will be left with nothing done, asking yourself how the day passed so fast. Planning ahead is an essential time management skill. You should make daily schedules of what exactly needs to be done. By doing so, you will avoid straying off the essential tasks and make the best possible use of your time. Writing your daily tasks down is definitely better than just keeping them in your mind. Remember that.

  1. Beware of the Internet!

The internet can sap an amazing amount of time without you even noticing. Social websites in particular are notorious for making you spend countless hours browsing them without realizing how fast time has gone by. If you work on a computer, turn off all notifications for social websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Even receiving those notifications while working or studying can distract you – or worse, tempt you to check them out, which will probably be followed by wasting time on that website.

  1. Take Care of Your Health

This might seem like an off-topic tip, but in fact, it is very relevant. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. If you are in bad shape and not taking care of your health, you can’t expect your brain to function properly. You will find yourself lagging behind on your daily tasks, failing to meet deadlines, and underperforming in your tasks in general. Proper nutrition and quality sleep are essential to maintain your focus and stay on top of your game. Depriving yourself of good quality sleep will probably result in fatigue, stress, and low focus. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, and that your body is getting its nutritional needs, and you will stay on the top of your game.